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About me

I was born in Puerto Rico and emigrated to Philadelphia when I was 8 years old.  The transition was difficult at first. Different weather, living conditions, different language and worst of all, the widespread racism. I survived and, in time, overcame the obstacles. Learning a new language for a child is fairly easy, especially after my mother had taught me how to read as a toddler and inspired me to continue in English. 

I planned to attend college but was drafted soon after High School and ended up in Vietnam. After discharge, I opened my own business and but eventually sold it to pursue a career in law enforcement. I began with the Philadelphia Police Department but after five years, transferred to the Office of the Sheriff where I served for 25 years.

Off duty I wrote articles for local newspapers and online news services. I took advantage of VA Benefits and finally went to college at an age where most are enjoying retirement. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in 2 years instead of the usual 4. As a voracious reader, I have absorbed hundreds of books and used that accumulated knowledge and experience to eliminate many elective classes via CLEP (College Level Examination Program), PLA (Prior learning Assessment), and Experiential Essays.

I published my first book In the Beginning – The Early Days of Religious Beliefs in 2018 (Historical Fiction) and my second The Lazarus Syndrome – Why Can’t I Die? In 2023. (Non-Fiction)

Special Quote

“You don’t have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them.”
– Ray Bradbury

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Welcome to “Discover New Horizons,” your gateway to the most exciting books of 2023! In this curated selection, we bring you the must-reads of the year that will transport you to new worlds and ignite your imagination. From thrilling adventures to heartwarming tales, our expert panel has handpicked these literary gems just for you.
En el vasto y complejo panorama de la religión y la espiritualidad, existe un enigma que ha despertado la curiosidad y el debate de generaciones enteras: ¿cuál es el origen de las creencias religiosas? En medio de esta interrogante apasionante, nos sumergimos en las páginas de “En el Principio: El Origen de Religión”, una obra de ficción histórica escrita por el talentoso autor Jaime Reyes.
Este libro no ficcional representa una profunda exploración de una condición que durante mucho tiempo pasó desapercibida, pero que hoy demanda la atención que merece.
Jaime Reyes has had many changes in his career. He was born in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, several decades ago. After reading hundreds of books, he used CLEP (College Level Examination Program) and other similar programs to take electives and earn his degree in just two years. He continued to write articles and short stories. The short story version of In the Beginning received good reviews and he decided to turn it into a novel. An incentive for the story and book was a genealogical study that determined that his varied ancestral lineage includes three percent Neanderthal DNA.

Explore into my books

In the Beginning: The Early Days of Religious Beliefs

It is 40,000 BCE, and Neanderthals believe in spirit gods. Og is an ancient, exceptionally intelligent Neanderthal. As he sits in his cave sheltered from the vicious storm that rages outside, he knows there must be a better way to survive. Now all he has to do is convince his tribal troupe that he has the answers to their fears and apprehensions.

After he convinces Chief Olo that he can appease the spirit gods and end the storm by performing a ritual he learned from his father, Og puts on a colorful show with rattles, bones, and face paint. When the storm subsides and it becomes evident that Og displays some power over the elements, he begins to receive respect from most tribal members-except the insecure chief, who is threatened by him. But when Og saves the chief’s life, he makes way for Og to become the tribe’s first fully anointed priest and create a legend whose idea of persuasive idolization will spread throughout the old and new world and carry on into the future.

In the Beginning, shares the compelling tale of a Neanderthal man’s journey as he becomes the spiritual leader of his clan and passes his knowledge on to his descendants so they can continue to benefit.

El Síndrome de Lázaro: ¿Por qué no puedo morir? colección de reanimaciones, avivamientos, Una memoria la guerra de Vietnam (Spanish Edition)

El Síndrome de Lázaro es una obra no-ficcion que se trata de una condición que por mucho tiempo no fue reportada. Ahora es una ocurrencia que debidamente merece mas atención. El término describe a personas que sufren un evento traumático, desde un nacimiento muerto hasta una lesión, un ataque cardíaco o un derrame cerebral y son declarados oficialmente muertos por un profesional médico pero experimentan una reanimación espontánea, minutos, horas o incluso días después de ser pronunciado.

Este evento fue más frecuente en años pasados, cuando los médicos se apresuraban a declarar la muerte cuando el corazón se detenía. Hoy en día, la muerte cerebral es más precisa, pero incluso eso ha engañado a algunos médicos. He citado numerosos ejemplos de quienes han regresado después de iniciar el viaje al más allá, sea lo que sea o dondequiera que esté.

En el Principio: El Origen de Religion (Spanish Edition)

Todas las creencias religiosas tuvieron un comienzo. Alguien, en algún momento, en algún lugar, surgió la idea. Puede haber sido una epifanía, una invención de necesidad, o simplemente una idea descabellada. Independientemente de la fuente de inspiración, una persona o un pequeño grupo de individuos semejantes produjeron un germen de una idea que floreció en una potencia diseñada principalmente para algún tipo de beneficio, para manipular o controlar a otros. Es concebible que algunos innovadores religiosos inicialmente tenían más intenciones altruistas, pero en tiempo, la innovación se desarrolló en empresas disfrazadas. No es difícil creer que alguien tenía que convertirse en el primer sacerdote, chamán, guía espiritual o hechicero para realizar el beneficio de la organización y explotación de tales nociones primitivas. Esta es la historia de esa persona. 

The Lazarus Syndrome: Why Can't I Die? A collection of resuscitations, revivals, NDEs & OBEs Featuring: A memoir, Including The Vietnam War

The Lazarus Syndrome is a non-fictional book detailing a little-known medical event that has been happening to people for centuries but did not draw attention until a few years ago. It occurs when a patient is declared dead by a medical professional but revives spontaneously minutes, hours or days later. It is an event that I have experienced but rarely discussed it with anyone except family members and close friends. The difference between my experience and most others is that I have done it on numerous occasions while most others have only done it once or twice.

Exploring Ancient Beliefs: A Journey Through Time

Jaime Reyes crafts a vivid tale of Og’s quest to transcend the limitations of his time through innovative rituals aimed at appeasing the spirit gods. Armed with rattles, bones, and face paint, Og performs a ceremony that not only seeks to end the storm but also to soothe the existential fears of his tribe. His actions mark the dawn of spiritual leadership, setting the foundation for religious practices that would echo through millennia.

True War Stories: Mission Report

On his first night in Vietnam, Jaime Reyes witnessed an American soldier kill another American soldier. How? Why? He tells the story in this episode.

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